Master Zoho Applications for your business process

Our Zoho Certified trainers will help you master Zoho applications, we will also help you with high quality training material so you have them always to refer.

Effective training is the key to success

Our trainers are highly qualified and knows how to help your team in change management and to get good hold on Zoho applications

Onsite Training – We will train your complete team on how effectively you can use Zoho Applications and customize complete application to suit your business process.  Our team will allot time looking at your team availability and visit your office with all the materials to hand over after training


Online Training – We can arrange training online for convenience of your team. We use trusted and high quality tools to easy online training process.

Our training module includes:-

  1. Account & Homepage Setup
  2. Managing your User Settings
  3. Lead Tracking & Conversion
  4. Managing your Accounts
  5. Looking after your Contacts
  6. Tracking your Deals
  7. Database Segmentation
  8. Activity Management
  9. Document Manager
  10. Record Searching
  11. Email Templates
  12. Track & Manage Marketing Campaigns
  13. Manage your Products & Services
  14. Raising Quotes & Invoices


  1. Customer Service Cases & Solutions
  2. Build up your Intellectual Property
  3. Accounting Integration Options
  4. Sending Purchase & Sales Orders
  5. Admin Account Management
  6. Creating & Updating Fields
  7. Rearranging Module Layouts
  8. User Set-Up – Profiles & Roles
  9. Custom Module Creation
  10. Website Integration & Forms
  11. Create & Manage Email Templates
  12. Mail Merge & Label Options
  13. Importing & Exporting Data

+  Many More to make your process successful

We have tailored training plans which suits your business requirements, we are always accessible. Call us to MASTER ZOHO APPLICATION.

About Us

We are Elitbuzz, A market leading global boutique, with the partnership of technology driven entities, providing consulting and development services. With a global reach and an unrivalled reputation in our target markets. We undertake high-value, innovative work across a wide range of sectors.


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